The Task

Groups working on this task are reminded that they must first offer an abstract or summary to introduce / induct the reader to the event before offering their answers to the questions.


1. What changes in society could arise from this development?

2. What further developments do you foresee in the use of mass media communications due to this advancement in technology?

3. With the laymen being able to inject their voice into journalism, what developments do you see in mass media communications?

What changes in society could arise from this development ?

-Political news no longer dominated by media (eg. BBC ,CNN) .Hence it will not be so one sided as these news report may be propaganda used by government .Thus is unreliable. So mobile reporting allow neutral people to give a fairer point of view.Hence more variety for us to choose

-Unreliable news will be easier posted , hence we may not be able to read accurate information
>>As anyone can post the information , it may be fake

-Easy access to unhealthy website . Thus will encourage youngster to follow example/ trend.

-Violation to copyright rules , people may copy the information from other site and made it into their own
>>new generation will not be aware the importance of copyrights

-Lack of privacy on society.As anyone can take video/photo anywhere ,anyplace, anyone and post it online

-Faster speed of getting informations. You can post information no matter where you are , all you need is a mobile phone.

In the near future, almost everyone will be equipped with the power to influence ever since the emergence of mediums of communication, where one can express himself and publish the work online. With the rapid advancement in technology, there are more ways in which one can communicate with others. This includes blogs, podcasts, vodcasts and use of mobile phones to capture information. From there, the same piece of information can be put up online for other's viewing pleasure. This would bring about the phenomenon of irresponsible reporting of information, where one can abuse his authority by providing inaccurate and unreliable information. This would lead to bigger issues such as discrimination and prejudice amongst communities of people. This is why as responsible members of the public, we should accept information available online at our own discretion. We should be wise enough to filter and accept only bits of information which can be deemed accurate. Also, it is important for us to carefully study the information that is available online, and that irrational behaviour, such as over-reacting, would not help the situation.


What further developments do you forsee in the use of mass media communications due to this advancement in technology?

With the advancement in technology, more people will start to use different forms of media to share information.

Thus, this leads to vast information collated. The mixture of true and false information given will make it more difficult to determine the reliability of information given as new forms of media are being used to report happenings.

The importance of some forms of media might decrease or lessen such as the newspaper or the radio. With new and more efficient forms of reporting, people will often turn to these forms and thus might not rely on the older forms of mass media.

In conclusion, more and more unreliable sources of information will emerge and there may be a decrease in the importance of some media.